For Other Writers

I currently offer two services for fellow writers.

#1 Get Your Published Book Reviewed (FREE):

I have recently come to appreciate just how hard it is to collect early reviews on indie books. Even though I have read/reviewed and continue to read some indie novels which peak my interest, I thought that I would create an official way for fellow indie authors to request for me to read their books and review them. And also just to let anyone who visits my site know that I am open to doing reviews.

This isn’t a book blog. If you contact me and I decide to read your book and if I decide to review it I will just post the review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, depending on what I feel like.

I primarily like reading fantasy, both YA and adult fantasy (not erotica). In particular I like high fantasy with a world that’s really unique. Recently I have been reading Brandon Sanderson heavily, and I have also enjoyed works by Leigh Bardugo, Patrick Rothfuss, Ursula K Le Guin. When I was a kid I really liked Eragon, the Pendragon series, and Harry Potter. I am open to reading other genres too.

At this time I ask that only published writers choose this option and submit only a published book for review. I also can’t make any promises unfortunately on whether I will read and review the book or not, but if it’s like the material above there’s a good chance I will!

#2 Customized Writer Coaching:


As of March 2020, I’ve decided to create a new option to work with me. I can help you write your book, movie script, or TV script. I can make sure that you end up with a quality piece of work and that you’re able to work consistently on it every day and get it done by a deadline of your choosing.

I’ve been writing for over a decade so I’ve mastered the skills to do this and I’ll work with you to design a custom plan that works around whatever other responsibilities you have.

The primary benefits you’ll get from working with me are:

    1. Help with tightening your plot, building your core characters, and keeping the story from going off the rails.
    2. Help with developing the habits needed to finish your story.

Please note this is a paid service that I’m providing so we will also work out the price in our discussions. I provide a free consultation so you can make sure this is the right service for you before purchasing.