YA epic fantasy with dragons

Welcome! If you arrived at this page and are wondering who I am, read on. My goal with this page is to be as informative as possible.

My name’s Carl Cota-Robles. I’m an author, currently focused on writing epic high fantasy. Dragons have always been a favorite of mine, ever since I read Eragon as a child. My books feature dragons in new and unique ways that haven’t been seen before. I also have written two children’s sci-fi books, featuring things like time travel, robots, and technology.

By the way, I’m in need of reviews on all the books below. You can find links to major retailers to review my books, and help me out, by clicking on the titles.

My first fantasy novel, Sand and Smoke, begins the Dragon Destiny trilogy. It’s an adventure that combines traditional medieval dragon fantasy with wild west steampunk action and adventure. The story is told from multiple points of view, primarily through the eyes of a boy and a girl who start out on opposite sides of the continent from each other. If you like worlds that are a little bit different than typical high fantasy, with lots of depth (think Brandon Sanderson) and dragons, I’d definitely recommend that you check out Sand and Smoke.

You can also start by reading my FREE novelette, set in the same world as Sand and Smoke, called Ingrid Rising. It’s told from the point of view of a dragon schoolteacher. The second book in the Dragon Destiny trilogy is called Battle and Burning and it comes out September 14, 2021.

I’m also the author of two children’s sci-fi novels. My first book, The Time Twins, follows adopted 12-year old twins as they go on an adventure back in time to meet their biological parents. It’s largely a piece about family, with a heavy focus on themes like accepting yourself and loving your family. The sci-fi definitely takes a backseat in this one, but it does include a robot and some detailed tech stuff, since one of the twins is a tech geek. My third book, Middle School Robots, is similar in tone to The Time Twins, but if you like books that are a little funnier, a little wackier, and a little more magical, you’ll get that with this one, which is about a bunch of robots who are dealing with being oppressed by the vice-principal of a middle school.

All of these books are available for a low-price on Amazon, as paperbacks on Barnes & Noble, and through many other resellers. The only exception is Ingrid Rising, the novelette, which is available for FREE from Bookfunnel. Find your copy by clicking on an image below (or find a website to review the book on!)

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Still want to know more? Below you can find bonus information about me, only for those who are really, really curious.

I am a self-published children’s author and an indie author. That means I have to work extra hard to market what I write! If you are able to write a review on any website I will totally appreciate it. Some websites you can review my books on include Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Bookbub, and I even have a Facebook author page you can review.

My self published children’s books are inspired by a desire to both share my imagination with the world and also a desire to influence the world to be a more positive place. I take theme really seriously when I write and I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can share important messages in my books.

My self published fantasy books and self published fantasy novels take theme just as seriously. I also make an effort to read the best self published fantasy books in 2019, 2020, and every year. Since self publishing blew up around 2010, there have actually been many authors to make a career out of it. Many readers don’t realize that there are self published gems out there, just as well written as traditionally published fantasy books. They exist in all genres.

High fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine, and I think that’s what drew me to write Sand and Smoke and start writing secondary world fantasy seriously. I grew up adoring Eragon, and I loved exploring other worlds in D.J. MacHale’s Pendragon series. Avatar: the Last Airbender captured my attention when it came on TV, and as a kid my favorite thing was to sit down and watch Digimon cartoons. I love exploring and imagining other worlds. My self published epic fantasy novels aim to create worlds that are completely unique, and different than anything else out there. I’ve been writing since 6th grade, I studied Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch, and I have written professionally and provided professional feedback to writers since 2014. I hope that one day my books will be ranked among the best self published fantasy books.