TV Portfolio

In addition to being an author, I’m also a TV writer with a love for all things magical. My interests span the stars, encompassing everything from the Starship Enterprise and The Citadel of Ricks, to Westeros, the world of ATLA and LOK, the fantasy future realm of Remnant, and everything in between.

Here, you’ll find mostly original works that demonstrate my writing style and knowledge of the teleplay craft. Feel free to read my work at your leisure.

If you are looking to hire a TV writer and you like my work, please contact me via the form on my Business page.

Dark God

Genres: Teens, Fantasy, Shonen-style, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Dystopian

Comps: One Piece, Fairy Tail, ATLA/LOK, Bofuri

In a world ruled by wealthy cities and superpowered gods, 17-year old Freddie Aye sets out from his rural, underground home to go on an adventure and strike it rich with gold, not knowing that he’s the reincarnated god of darkness, destined to bring the dystopian city governments crashing down.

Royal Magician

Genres: Teens, Fantasy, Shonen-style, Action/Adventure

Comps: Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon, Demonslayer

In an alternate reality version of present-day Japan, where people with magical powers fight demons every day, a high school is abducted and transported to the demon realm, creating a national crisis and separating a brother and sister who will stop at nothing to see each other again.

Middle School Robots

Genres: Sci-Fi, Children’s, Comedy, Adventure, Mockumentary

Comps: Toy Story, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (but more kid-friendly)

At Pacific School District Number 57 School, seven overused, overcontrolled robots set out to win their freedom by petitioning the humans for basic rights, but along the way, they discover that they all have different ideas about the meaning of freedom.

Wings of War, adapted from the book series by Bryce O’Connor

Note: I do not own the rights to the Wings of War characters or story. I wrote this pilot script on spec, using a combination of my own writing and Bryce’s excellent writing lifted from the book. You can find more information about Wings of War on Amazon, here:

If you’re interested in seeing the script, contact me through the Business page of my website. Due to copyright reasons, I won’t ever put it online or share with the general public. It was a fun project for me, and I only wrote it because Bryce’s writing is so cinematic that, immediately upon reading the first book, I thought of how good it would look on TV. Four books and several years later, I could not resist the urge to write the TV script anymore. I’d be really excited if Bryce ever requested to read the script, but otherwise this is mainly here just because I’m proud of the way this script turned out.