The Time Twins


Sara is tech savvy, but she has trouble making friends. Her family is different than other families in Portland – she has two moms and she’s adopted. So when a futuristic jet-black smartphone appears on her bed one morning, with an app that allows her to time travel, she hatches a plan. Together with her loud and obnoxious twin brother Charlie, Sara journeys back in time 12 years to the day of her birth.

But where exactly did the futuristic smartphone come from?

In the past, Sara feels determined to solve the mystery of who her biological parents are. She thinks it’ll help her make friends at school. Charlie tells her that she should accept and embrace her adoptive family.

Perhaps the mystery that the twins should actually be looking to solve is why their two moms chose to adopt them.

And, what will happen if on their adventure they accidentally change the past?

The Time Twins is available for Kindle or Paperback HERE.