Battle and Burning (Dragon Destiny Book #2)

Dragons clash, and Maya’s kingdom is the battleground, in book two of this thrilling epic fantasy series.

Maya is a full-fledged dragon rider. She is done with school and bonded to her dragon until death. She has joined the ranks of the powerful Serpentines, after having saved her nation from a devastating weapon. But though the weapon has been stopped, war is destined to descend upon her kingdom.

As the forest burns, Joel races across the desert to warn her of a secret plot. Armies are mobilizing, dragons are spreading their wings, and he’s received word of dangerous scientific progress up north.

The dragon riders lead the military. Maya helps train ordinary soldiers to fight under dragon filled skies. Those closest to her are swept up in the battle, coming together as friends and foes. They are:

A previously broken man with a newfound sense of self. A loyal dragon rider who is destined to perish. An old friend with a grudge. An outcast with family drama.

And a boy who is more valuable than all the jade in the world.

Maya and her dragon must step up and fight for everything they hold dear.

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