Notes and a Nomad (Dragon Destiny Prequel)

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Mysterious dragons, a deadly trio, and a nomad working alongside a talented piano girl.

Al Hardin is 15 years old and he’s just left his hometown. Haunted by the memory of his mother’s passing, he’s looking for a place to start over and become someone new. But when he meets a talented piano player by the name of Soya, he’s drawn into a conflict against a notorious trio of criminals that will change his life.

Meanwhile, across the vast desert from him, a dragon rider is setting off on a secret mission. 15-year-old Maya dreams of following in his footsteps one day and bonding with her own dragon, but she’ll have to prove herself first. As she takes on an important job for the departing dragon rider, she struggles to maintain an important childhood friendship.

This is the prequel to the Dragon Destiny series. It’s the story of a determined girl navigating friendships and mistakes before becoming a dragon rider. And it’s the story of a boy, forging a new personality that comes to be known as The Silver Bandana.

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