Sand and Smoke – fantasy YA, coming October 17, 2019


In the impoverished desert towns of Arus, a vigilante boy who calls himself the Silver Bandana has made it his job to save people from the gangs of criminal cowboys known as Punchers. He does so using his awesome ability to control the wind – a power he’s always had, a power of unknown origin.

But when that boy receives a letter from a man in the affluent north, he’s thrown into a job with stakes of epic proportions. Tasked with stopping the creation of an unfathomable weapon, he’s forced to work with a team of those he despises most – the Punchers.

– A vigilante known as the Silver Bandana.
– A master tracker with more kills than he can count.
– A legend with a fear of failure.
– A sharpshooter younger than the rest.
– And a physics student.

Far away from them, but living on the same island, a middle-class girl from a small, verdant town in the kingdom of Eltolix is chosen to be a Serpentine – a dragon-rider who serves her country. It’s an honor she wants more than anything else in life – a calling, and her destiny.

But when she arrives at Serpentine school, the girl finds herself paired with a partner who has no desire to be there, and may even actively hinder her ability to pass – and more importantly, her chance to bond with a dragon.

As she competes in trials and trains with weapons, she may find her destiny intertwined with the boy’s. Because the weapon he is attempting to stop is being aimed at her homeland. And it’s a weapon that makes dragons look like crows.

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