Sand and Smoke (Dragon Destiny Book #1)


Two nations. One dark weapon. A dragon-rider and a wind-wielding hero must stop it.

On either side of an uninhabitable desert lie the nations of Arus and Eltolix. Once one country, these two nations were separated by a civil war 200 years ago. Arus modernized: they invented the steam engine, they converted to a monotheistic religion, and they mass-produced guns. The kingdom of Eltolix only won their independence by bonding with dragons.

Now, 15-year old Maya Samoralt feels destined to inherit one of those bonds. She longs to soar on the back of a jade-scaled, teal-feathered, Sun dragon.

So when she is admitted to dragon-rider school, she grinds and she scrapes, sacrificing blood and sweat in a grueling set of trials to prove her worth.

But as she competes and trains with a sword, a dark and ruinous danger emerges.

Across the desert, a 17-year old boy hears of a weapon that could level a city. With only a ragtag criminal crew and a magical power to control the wind, can he stop it?

For many in his nation feel contempt for hers. And the weapon, if used, would decimate dragons and their riders.

Leaving just desert sand and ashen smoke.

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